Benefits: Daily Bargain Refer a Friend Program

Tell a friend about Daily Bargain and we’ll give you some surprise gift(s).

There are several benefits for you.

  • Ability to share with friends and earn surprise gifts or rewards.
  • Share your love for the brand and get friends involved.
  • Get multiple Surprise gifts for multiple shares
  • Sharing in a way that works for you, whether that’s via social media, email, text or even in-person. Just use the unique referral link and start your “winner journey” with Daily Bargain.

Daily Bargain is full of positive surprises. Every week we will be giving away surprise gifts among the top influencers/ Refer a Friend participants. This could be an Amazon Credit Voucher sent to you at your e-mail address, or something exciting sent to you on your postal address (therefore please keep your address up-to-date). Our surprises will be at least worth 30 Euro (MRP) and up to a maximum of 100 Euro(MRP) worth.