FAQ – Refer a Friend

Anyone who is a registered user of Daily-Wins.com can participate in the Refer a Friend program.

To recommend a friend and receive a credit for this, you must first register with Daily-bargain.com. Here you have the opportunity to declare your preference that you would wish to participate in the Refer a Friend program.

Yes, you will get a unique referral link. The link is one that you share with others, to enroll in the referral campaign. The link can also be used in tracking the statistics of the referral program by us.

For the qualified reference, your friends need to use the link you provided for them to visit the site www.daily-bargain.com. They need to register themselves, activate the Skill, and must have participated in at least one Sweepstake conducted by Daily Win Alexa Skill.


What do I earn for referring a friend?

Daily Bargain is full of positive surprises. Every week we will be giving away surprise gifts among the top influencers/ Refer a Friend participants. This could be an Amazon Credit Voucher sent to you at your e-mail address, or something exciting sent to you on your postal address (therefore please keep your address up-to-date). Our surprises will be at worth at least 30 Euro, and worth up to a maximum of 100 Euro.

We have it on our roadmap. At this stage we will not be offering any extra goodies to your friend. However, as the Daily Bargain community grows, we will consider newly registered “qualified users” for rewards for being part of the Daily Bargain family.

You can write to us at bedigital@blueshepherd.de to discuss qualified bulk references. We wish to grow the Daily Bargain Alexa user base and, if you help us grow, we will help you too.

No, there is absolutely no limit. We wish to grow the Daily Bargain Alexa user base and, if you help us grow, we will help you too.

In the initial stages you can send us your enquiry at bedigital@blueshepherd.de. It is on our roadmap to update the “Refer a friend” Dashboard with such information, where you can easily see what your efforts brought in for you, and us.

You do not need to intimate us or do any de-listing activity. The moment you stop spreading the word and sharing the link, you are automatically not contributing to the Refer a Friend program.

Referring Daily Bargain Alexa Skill for sweepstakes was never so easy. You can send the link to your friend via Whatsapp or through a Facebook post, chat or in any forum, wherever you are active.

Please refer to our Data Privacy, Terms & Conditions on the website, as well as for the Daily Bargain Alexa Skill.